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After 10 years of doing hair and extensions, I kept coming across one major problem.

You’ve probably heard it too.

Clients were continually asking not for fullness in the back, but on the sides and in the front around their face. I was encountering many women suffering hair loss around the front of their face because of age, postpartum, thyroid, damaged hair, etc. and knew there was a problem that needed to be solved.

The market lacked a hair extension that offers a fuller fringe in the areas that seem to matter the most-the framing of the face. My personal experience eventually led me to perfect the Psykhe Secret Tiara hairpiece (Patent Pending).

Jennae Jensen Psykhe Hair Extensions

Ready To Help Your Clients Experience The Psykhe Difference?

Psykhe extensions have been used to help women who want longer, thicker, fuller hair in the front in a variety of situations:

✔ Hairloss due to health issues or aging

✔ Women growing out a pixie cut

✔ Women who lost hair from assault

✔ And women wanting to love their hair again!

Using Our Extensions is Simple!

Needlenose pliers to install hair extension piece

Size Like a Boss

Open the bead, then put it on the head, adjust to the right size, and lastly close the bead – SIZING DONE!

color our remy hair extensions as normal

Color The Hair Piece

Don’t worry even for a second! Since it’s 100% REMY Hair (human hair), you’re already a pro at this step!

Cut hair extensions as normal

Cut In The Hair

Adjust the hair around your client’s part, secure in the hair & cut the hair as normal to give it a look that blends right in.

Style hair Extensions as normal

Style The Hair

With the hair piece in, colored, and cut, all that’s left is to style the hair as you normally would for any client.

Psykhe Halo Hair Extensions

Everyday Use Will Be a Breeze

Much like a head band or halo hair extension, all a client will need to do is place the hair piece on their head and position it in the desired place. Once it’s set in place they will pull their hair over the top, camouflaging the wefts while creating fullness and length in the fringe area and around the face.

Layer one or more hair extension pieces to create the desired fullness. Psykhe Hair Extensions can also be combined with other hair extension methods, bridging the gap between natural hair and where extension hair starts.

Just like real hair (because it is 100% Remy Hair!), they can wash and style as needed.

Psykhe Hair Extensions:

✔ Add Fullness In the Front of the Hair
✔ Stay in Place Without Weighing You Down
✔ No Clips, Tape, or Microbeading Necessary
✔ Made of 100% Remy Human Hair
✔ Takes Minutes to Put in Rather Than Hours


Don’t see the color you need? Don’t worry, our extensions are made from human hair and can be dyed to match (or not)!

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