Jennae has been doing hair since she can remember. From cutting her brother’s hair as a nine year old girl to styling, cutting, and coloring friends’ hair in high school. Jennae’s passion for hair styling led her to cosmetology school in 2003. She worked hard in school and quickly graduated in 2004. In 2005, Jennae began her professional career as a stylist. Her experience in various salons led her expand and excel in her training. In 2006, Jennae trained with ENJOY Professional Hair Care. She traveled and taught classes in salons and created platform artwork for hair shows. Jennae began her work with hair extensions in 2007. She enjoyed seeing how different methods of application could transform and enhance someone’s look. In 2009, Jennae was blessed to become a mother. She put the love and passion of being an educator on the back burner and channeled her energy into doing hair behind the chair. 
After 10 years of doing hair and extensions, Jennae kept coming across one major problem. Clients were continually asking not for fullness in the back, but on the sides and in the front around their face. Jennae was encountering many women suffering hair loss around the front of their face because of age, postpartum, thyroid, damaged hair, etc. and knew there was a problem that needed to be solved. Though there are a variety of hair extensions types and methods offered, the market currently lacked a hair extension that offers a fuller fringe in the areas that seem to matter the most-the framing of the face. Her personal experience eventually led her to perfect the psykhe hairpiece (Patent Pending).
“As I have grown and developed in my trade being able to dissect hairstyles and the way natural hair grows and lays, I've been able to design a new hairpiece. This piece solves this problem where many women suffer a loss of hair due to many different reasons. Reasons include but are not limited to, aging, thyroid problem, postpartum, other hormonal imbalances and female pattern baldness.
The thought of developing this piece has been sitting in the back of my mind over the last couple years but I didn't decide to do anything about it until it hit home for me. I have struggled with thyroid problems on and off for many years now…I was a mess. I felt incredibly ugly as handfuls of hair came out every time I washed my hair…Things eventually slowed down but the damage was done. My options were limited. I could get a pixie cut or get traditional extensions making my hair look like a mullet. Neither of those options worked for me. 
With my new hairpiece I could keep my hair the way it was by adding length and fullness around my face... I didn't have to wake up hating the way I looked every morning or fighting another bad hair day battle. I could easily slip my piece on and pull my hair up over the top camouflaging the effects of my thyroid not working.
I know what it feels like to not feel like yourself because your hair doesn't lay just right or the way you like it to. I know what it feels like to have bad hair days. I feel that as women our hair is one of those things that define us. It’s part of what makes us unique. In many cases those that have suffered from a disease like this losing their hair is one of the most devastating factors. I want to help others to feel confident, I want them to feel beautiful and it's amazing what a little more hair can do in that department. I love helping others feel beautiful because they are and they often forget it.”
-Jennae Jensen, Psykhe Extensions Creator