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Psykhe hair extensions target the common areas of hair loss giving length and body where you most need it.  It camouflages the thinning area that many women experience around the front hair line and fringe area, due to aging, female pattern baldness, postpartum loss, thyroid or other hormonal problems that cause hair loss and breakage.

How it Works

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Psykhe Hair Extensions are

  • Comfortable

    It's easy to put in and comfortable to wear. It adjusts to all head sizes using a stretchy wire for just the right amount of give.

  • Versatile

    Get length and volume where you want it, even at the sides and front. Psykhe Hair Extensions allow more creative freedom when it comes to styling the hair.

  • Created for You

    "I love helping others feel beautiful because they are, and they often forget it.”

    -Jennae Jensen, Psykhe Extensions Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Much like a head band, you place it on your head and position it in the desired place. Once it’s set in place you will pull your hair over the top, camouflaging the wefts while creating fullness and length in the fringe area and around the face.

You can use one or more pieces to create the desired look you are going for. Psykhe Hair Extensions can also be combined with other hair extension methods, bridging the gap between your natural hair and where extension hair starts.

What is REMY hair?

This question is often asked when people are looking to invest in quality hair extensions. Remy refers to a grading system and is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. It’s cuticle layer is kept intact and not stripped. The hairs are also aligned so that they are all going in the same direction to keep it from matting and tangling. This allows for the hair to shine and reflect light keeping it natural in appearance.

Is it Halo?

The concept is similar in the fact that it sits on your head and the weight of your hair keeps it in place.

However, Psykhe Hair Extensions are so much more. Unlike Halo’s and traditional hair extension methods that give you length and fullness from about ear to ear on the back side of the head, Psykhe gives you length and fullness around the front hair line. We also use a stretch wire on the back to help secure it in place. Say bye bye to wimpy face framing layers and say hello to beautiful hair that you can see.